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"The Flash, Barry Allen. Blond superhero, of course I’m interested in him. Shame about being a speedster, all the ones i know are a little bit sociopathic."

"Can’t speak for Uncle Pete but I am not a sociopath." He all but pouted right there. "The Flash is the best. Y’know I thought we were gonna have a moment there, but nooo you gotta ruin it don’t you?"

"My actually superpower. Ruining things, just works on bad guys as well." Billy laughs at his brother’s pout.

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Talia rolled her eyes a little. “Honey, people look at his crotch, they just have the politeness to avert their eyes after doing so.” She giggled softly, giving him a gentle nudge.

"What matters is whether you like it. It’s your wedding."

"Yeah, I do like it. It’s a bit much though, price wise." Billy mumbles.

"Can you keep a secret?" Billy asks, little smile forming as he thinks of how to word what he wants to say. "Probably no surprise but yes, I looked. Does he do it on purpose?"

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"I gave you my conditions. Meet them or no promises we’ll let you keep going."

"I have devoted over twenty years to this work. I will not be bullied into changing my goal by idealists who continue to ignore what mutations truly are. Beneficial though they may be to you, I have watched too many people die because of the X-Gene to sit idly by."

"Fine. Go on then but hurt people and be prepared for what could happen." Billy states, trying not to be threatening but a coldness had swept into his tone.

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Feeling the electrifying pulse as the other touched his bare arm, the male was quick to pull away as he opened his mouth to argue but soon found himself closing it instead as he listened to the other talk. “… You thought I would have died, or that I’d stay away because of your powers?” The blonde found himself asking instead, slightly intrigued and bewildered by this thought process. Of course, being teleported into traffic had scared the living hell out of Teddy, but that wasn’t something that billy would have known, right? It was an accident. It’s not like he had control over where he was teleported to…… or did he? 

"Yes, I thought you could’ve died and I thought you were dead. I don’t want that, I don’t know what I want but it might be you…." Bill trails off, his words aren’t staying in his head anymore any thought is just coming straight out. "…I don’t know what my powers can do."

A pause.

"I kinda want to know where you ended up but can we go back to the start. Just no time travel, not in the right mood for that excellent adventure."

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Thor wasn’t blind to what had just happened, so he dutifully did no more than help Billy regain his balance. After all, the young man had made no argument to keep their odd little arrangement, had even nodded at no more, so he wasn’t going to press the issue. Besides, there were plenty of other willing partners to be found out there, and he wasn’t one to force himself.

"It is no problem whatsoever. After the workout I gave you today, you deserve something in return. Especially for that first nasty fall. Very graceful."

"I’d say the first fall was in the tower. That was graceful and fun, yes." Billy says staying in Thor’s side. He wasn’t sure what to think about what they’d done. He’d liked it and it could definitely be a nice perk to the training but what if people found out? 

"I thought the bit in return happened before the training. Which, okay, in private I’m okay with but like your place and not toilets, if it happens again."

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"In that case, let’s look at some styles and see which ones you like," he says with ease, grabbing a catalog of some of his old suit styles, "There’s the traditional cut, slim fit, and also English cut. I can also do tuxedos, if you want."

Billy looks at all the designs and styles beginning to get a bit baffled by them all. “Er… that one seems nice.” He says point to a random one. 

"Do you have any recommendations?"